Pain Matters Issue 80, APDP edition

Cover of the Pain Matters magazine on neuropathic pain

The 80th edition of Pain Matters is guest-edited by Lesley Colvin, co-lead of the University of Dundee Chronic Pain Research Group and PAINSTORM principal investigator, along with David Walsh, the Director of the Advanced Pain Discovery Platform (APDP). They highlight how the new, unique partnership that is the APDP includes people with lived experience of pain alongside research experts and how this new phase of collaborative partnership will make significant changes that ultimately will lessen the impact of pain on individuals and society.

Pain Matters is the quarterly magazine of Pain Concern, a charity that works to improve the lives of people living with pain and those who care for them. It contains news and features on self-management techniques, pain treatments and personal experiences of living with pain.

A digital edition of this issue can be purchased here.