PAINSTORM will be at the 2024 World Congress on Pain

IASP’s World Congress on Pain is the largest gathering of pain professionals in the world, bringing together more than 5,000 scientists, clinicians, and healthcare providers from around the world and across pain disciplines. Attendees will experience a world-class lineup of more than 400 international speakers with comprehensive sessions bringing you the latest pain research and treatment.


You can meet members of the PAINSTORM team at the following sessions (please note the times are indicated in Central European Summer Time):


Monday, August 5

8:30am [Masterclass] Machine Learning and AI in Basic and Clinical Pain Research: A Primer on Big Data Methods. "Machine Learning: What It Can, Cannot, and Should Not Do" (Jan Vollert)

11:30am [Special Interest Group Symposium] MESISIG: Building Trust in Pain Evidence. A Path Forward. (Joletta Belton)

2:30pm [Special Interest Group Symposium] NeuPSIG: Burning Topics in Neuropathic Pain (David Bennett)

3pm [Special Interest Group Symposium] Pain and Trauma SIG: Trauma Informed Healthcare; Where We Are (Whitney Scott and Joletta Belton)

3pm [Special Interest Group Symposium] Sex, Gender, Race, & Pain SIG: Sex, Gender, & Racial Differences in Pain Across the Lifespan (Edmund Keogh)

Tuesday, August 6

9am [Poster session] A systematic review of genetic risk factors for neuropathic pain in adults with diabetes mellitus (Harry Hebert)

Wednesday, August 7

9:30am [Poster session] Ongoing Clinical Trials & Unpublished studies to Prevent Chemotherapy Induced Peripheral Neuropathy (Bhushan Thakkar)

11am [Workshop] The Ethics and Impact of Disease Models of Chronic Pain on Stigma, including ICD-11 Classifications. "Beyond Disease Models: The Need for Multifaceted Approaches to Tackle Stigma Among People with Pain" (Whitney Scott)

Thursday, August 8

9:30am [Poster session] The content validity of psychosocial factors in ecological momentary assessment: a systematic review (Geert Crombez)

11am [Workshop] Leading the Way: The Importance of Academic Research Leadership. (Andrew Rice)

3:15pm [Poster session] Sensory Profiling in Erythromelalgia (Jishi John)

4:45pm [Workshop] Harnessing Contemporary Psychosocial Perspectives to Better Understand Pain and its Management. "The Biopsychosocial Perspective on Pain. Past, Present, Future" (Geert Crombez); "Applying a Multilevel Psychosocial Approach to Better Understand Pain States and Transitions" (Edmund Keogh); "Causal Thinking in Pain Research with Causal Directed Acyclic Graphs" (Annick De Paepe)

4:45pm [Workshop] The Human Somatosensory System: From Molecules to Disease. "The Relationship between Genotype and Phenotype in Human Pain Channelopathies" (David Bennett)

4:45pm [Workshop] What Complex Animal Behaviour Tells About Pain? "Measuring Ethologically-relevant Complex Behaviours in Animal Models" (Andrew Rice)

Friday, August 9

9:30am [Poster session] Content validity of the Pain Catastrophizing Scale (PCS): a qualitative approach (Annick de Paepe)


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